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Our Commitment to Excellence

Promising a tailored service is first and foremost assessing your needs as a company – your current as well as your future language training requirements. Our comprehensive language audit will allow us to offer you a response tailored to your needs

We know that each of your employees is different, has received different schooling and comes from a different language background. This is why we ask our teachers to assess each student individually, to determine what their needs and requirements are. Thanks to a detailed and nationally recognised level chart our teachers can determine each future student’s level in the four key skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

When assessing their students, our teachers use a language level chart developed by the National Language Training Organisation.  This allows us not only to pinpoint each student’s level in the four key skills but also to determine with them and with you what their target level should be. Working towards an established goal makes progress monitoring easier for you and your employees.

Your needs are important to us and we understand that you do not have time to spare on chasing after unavailable contacts…

You will never have to listen to repetitive music when trying to contact us. We offer a 12 hour-per-working day service where you can contact us from 8.30 to 20.30 as well as an emergency weekend service. If you cannot get through to us, leave us a message and we will call you back in less than 1 hour.

Contact us by phone on 020 8337 1959 or by email at [email protected]


We know that getting on with the teacher and adapting to his/her teaching methods is an important part of the learning process. This is why our teachers agree to see a contract through to its completion when they accept it. Should the teacher require a week away, you have two options: the students can also have a week off or we can send a supply teacher for the lesson in question. In any case, the teacher will give you at least a weeks notice.

Including language training in an already busy schedule can prove difficult, which is why we believe that flexibility is the key factor when learning a language: you set the pace, you decide the time and you decide the place; our teachers will fit in! Flexible Language Learning is our motto.

All our Directors are trained linguists and speak at one foreign language so we are uniquely placed to give you the information you need. We can advise as much on administrative details as on language level characteristics.
For more specific advice we can put you in contact with one of our teachers who can advise on levels, culture and extra training material.
Call our friendly advisors now on 020 8337 1959 or email us at [email protected]


Choosing the appropriate teacher is but the first step we take to ensure that you receive the service you deserve. As part of our quality tuition policy, we offer a comprehensive quality control service that allows us to monitor the quality of the teaching and of the service you are receiving.
This quality monitoring takes place after the first lesson and then at regular intervals during the tuition; we initially request feedback from both the students and the teacher, then again every 20 hours of tuition received.

When you book a lesson, you do not wish to spend the first half hour going over administration details such as payments! By booking and paying in advance straight to Conversation Piece, you receive the tuition you booked to the last minute. Our teachers do not deal with contracts or payments but remain available to arrange times and locations to suit your time table.

We believe that learning a language is learning the cultural characteristics and pronunciation subtleties associated with any chosen language. Only a native-born speaker can offer you such in depth knowledge of a country, its language and its culture. This is why we employ teachers from all over the world and are able to offer you distinctions such as Argentinean or Bolivian Spanish; Tanzanian or Kenyan Swahili.
But offering native speakers is not enough; all our teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary diplomas to teach in their native country and abroad and have extensive experience in teaching conversational and business tuition to students of all levels.

A student needs to know what his level is and how he/she is progressing. This is why, once a student has been assessed, his/her teacher will prepare a course outline that defines what the student will be studying over a certain period of time. At regular intervals, the teacher may reassess the student’s progress and amend the course outline to suit the students learning pace and eventual new targets. The teacher will also give his/her student a progress report that will detail the areas where the student has progressed as well as subjects or key skills that the student will need to dedicate more time to in future lessons.

Whether you are working towards a specific exam or you just wish to develop you knowledge of languages for personal or business purposes, we make sure you can prove your level once you have finished you course.
We can give you advice*** on the different exams for English or foreign languages that are recognised worldwide and we will give you a certificate, with your progress report, at the end of every 30-hour block of tuition.

Constantly changing schedules can mean that students cannot always attend a planned lesson. As part of our flexibility policy, students can cancel their lesson up to 24h in advance** with no charges incurred. If a student cancels less than 24h in advance**, we charge the lesson fee as per usual.

Flexibility is our motto and an integral part of our service so whether you are a small, medium or large business, we have an offer for you. Call or email our course directors and find out what we can do for your company.

*          Allowances made for exceptional circumstances (sickness, maternity leave, agreed vacations…)
**         For a Monday class, the teacher must be warned before 17:00 on Friday.
***       Conversation Piece does not deal with Exam administration – you will be required to apply to the chosen exam and pay the enrolment fee yourself.


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